A peek inside… The Amazing Eye

frontcover265x400Read an excerpt from Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye:  a story in science and wonder for readers young and old.  Available in print, and as an ebook through Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.



Mary watched in silence as the dome above her opened, and the telescope ascended from the floor below.  There was a resounding clunk, and the room was silent.  The thought flashed across her mind that the whole island had been a slumbering giant, and the circular room was the giant’s eyeball, and she had awoken it!  Its eye was open!  

Mary knew her mother was an astronomer, and her grandmother, but she had never looked through a telescope, her uncle had forbidden it.  Everything she knew about space she had only read about in books.

In the dim light she admired the telescope’s sleek black surface and its great width—as thick as the trees from the ancient forest she had passed through in the valley below.  On the desk beside her was a large silver dial.  She reached forward and turned it to the left—there was a loud clunk and the whole platform turned, like a carousel, to the left!  She turned the dial to the right—the platform turned to the right!  She felt a sudden thrill of excitement, like she was in control of the island giant—in control of its Amazing Eye.

Mary smiled to herself… and then slowly, she peered into the eyepiece…