Praise for Mary Andromeda…

sunicon2“What a fantastic way to inspire young scientists – an abandoned island, a sinister and mysterious backstory, heroes brimming with curiosity and wonder.  In the words of character Benjamin Wild, ‘…this place is awesome.  I mean, there’s no one to tell us what to do, and there are these weird houses, and there’s like this whole mystery to solve… what more could you ask for?’

“If you teach middle-grade science, or you have a middle-grade reader, or you are a middle-grade reader, check out this book!”sunicon5

“…side notes on astronomy, anatomy, biology, geology, science history, and more, all tied to the mystery of the island.  Mr. Kemp even talks etymology, explaining made up words like ‘Astro-nausea’, which is when a ‘star-sailor’ feels ‘sea-sick’.  Engaging, exciting, and fun, readers will find it impossible not to learn something from Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye.

“One of my favorite books!  When does Book Two come out?!”sunicon4

“Not just science-fiction, not just science-education, J.G. Kemp has written something new:  a page-turner of a story that teaches science along the way.  Science-Education Fiction he calls it.”