About the Journals


The Journals of Evergreen Isle series is a middle grade, adventure mystery, science education book series by author, illustrator, and science educator J.G. Kemp.

The series follows the adventures of five children:  Mary Andromeda (Astronomer), Henry Kelvin (Engineer), Elliot Ki (Life Scientist), Benjamin Wild (Explorer and Conservationist), and Julee Joy (Earth Scientist and Chemist), as they discover their hidden past and their connection to Evergreen Isle, the mysteriously abandoned island-of-science developed by the Royal Fellowship Society, an elite and secretive group of scientific nobility.

Events and people in science history, science content, emerging technologies, and perennial issues involving science and society, are seamlessly woven together with an unrestrained tone of wonder in this fast-paced, coming-of-age, adventure.  The series highlights science practices such as problem solving, design, innovation, teamwork, and most importantly, curiosity.

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frontcover265x400Book One, Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye, in which 11-year old Mary Andromeda comes to the island, begins to unravel the secrets of her past, and discovers the wonders of telescopy and long-exposure astrophotography, is available in print through Amazon, or as an ebook through Kindle.